Porch 90 Day Guarantee

We know inspectors intend to perform thorough quality inspections, but sometimes deficiencies are found after the inspection process is completed. The Porch Inspection Guarantee can assist inspectors and their clients in the process of correcting deficiencies that are discovered after the original inspection is performed.

If an eligible inspector performs a full home inspection for a client, in compliance with the inspector's designated standards of practice, and the client finds a deficiency that was required to be inspected and is not in the original home inspection report, then Porch will reimburse the homeowner as described below, up to the cost of the inspection fee ($650 maximum).

The Porch Inspection Guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions described below.

How much does it cost?
The Porch Inspection Guarantee is FREE to all eligible inspectors.

What is the guarantee claim period for a homeowner?
A homeowner may make a claim under the Porch Inspection Guarantee for 90 days from the date of the inspection. An example of when the warranty may apply is if the air conditioner stops working a week after you move in. As long as it wasn't caused by a pre-existing condition, the warranty company will pay for a repair or a replacement.

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