Pool Inspections

Pool Inspections

Pool Inspections

We are proud to offer home buyers, home sellers, and Realtors pool and spa inspections as an additional service to add value and knowledge to your pre-purchase or pre-listing home inspection options.


  • Provide inspection reports that cover detail of the structure and equipment, the current condition and function.
  • A modern report with photos and videos making it easy to recognize the issues that should be addressed.
  • Include links to websites of rules and regulations pertinent to any issues being address in the report.
  • A written comprehensive pool inspection report within 24 hours of the on-site inspection.
  • Offer to schedule the pool inspection at the same time the home inspection is done to provide a verbal review and answer any questions while Realtors and buyers are present, if applicable.

Some home inspectors offer a “limited visual pool inspection”  when they do a home inspection. The objective of these inspections is to determine if the pool and related equipment may benefit from a more thorough inspection by a qualified pool specialist.

If your offer to buy a home  with a pool is accepted, it is important that not only you have a home inspection done by a professional, but also that you have a pool inspection done by a certfied pool inspector, not a home inspector who is using this service to increase revenue. We evaluate the following components of a pool and spa:

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